About us

The Builders Pal is the brainchild of founder and experienced builder, Nicholas Ashford, who has a successful construction business and over 30 years of experience.

We’re bringing the construction industry together to work towards best practice. Our vision is to connect reliable contractors to main contractors, specialist suppliers, property developers and architects.

The Builders Pal is a vital tool for the construction industry; we aim to provide our customers with constant workflow, reliable subcontractors and quality suppliers.

We encourage reviews and portfolio-based profiles to showcase the skill sets, working environment, payment reliability, industry experience and quality of work in the industry.

Investing heavily in Internet Marketing and providing an easy-to-use platform, The Builders Pal only provides the most suitable contractors for the project, which often requires multiple disciplines and areas of expertise to ensure a project is in budget, on time and delivered as expected.

Registration is quick, professional and it’s free to post a construction project.

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“My 30 years of experience as a builder have taught me that finding the right people quickly will ensure the project runs smoothly and is finished on time, in budget and as expected. That’s why The Builders Pal is a vital tool for property developers, architects, contractors and suppliers – it creates a network of reliable construction expertise.”

Nicholas Ashford, Founder, The Builders Pal