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Whether you’re a property developer looking for a reliable contractor, or you’re a contractor looking to tender for construction projects, or you’re on the hunt for a subcontractor for your next job, you can find reliable workers and new team members when you sign up to The Builders Pal.

How Do I Sign Up?

All of the packages that we have available are no contract, so you can cancel any time if you have enough work lined up, or you’re working on a long term contract. All you need to do is select the package that’s suitable for your working needs, and with no commitment or joining fee, it’s really easy to get started!

What’s Included in My Package?

In each package, we have a range of options to suit each type of worker. Find out what’s available in each packages below.

Sign up to any of our packages below and get started with The Builders Pal!

The Bronze Package
Post a basic company listing to promote your business.
Post unlimited projects for tender.
Upgrade to Silver or Gold to tender on other's projects.
The Silver Package
£49.99 / month
Post an enhanced company listing with a 10 image gallery.
Post unlimited projects to tender.
Tender for projects upto a maximum value of 150K.
The Gold Package
£99.99 / month
Post a full company listing with a 20 image gallery and embedded video.
Post unlimited projects for tender.
Tender for unlimited projects with no maximum value.